Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canon XSi (450D) vs. 40D

Original posted at dpreview.

The first question is that how it compare to its bigger brother 40d?

Three shots each, and the best one used for comparsion. Locked tripod, ML, 300/2.8LIS + EF 2x @ f8, iso400. RAW processed by dpp standard, sharpness 3.

(Please click on the photo to see it in its native resolution)

To my eyes, 450d does resolved quite a bit more details and more sharper. 12 mp vs. 10mp definitely be one factor here.

But is it possible that 450d has weaker AA filter as well? If so that'd be even better. Need more data on this one.

ps: dpreview's tests have showed that it is indeed 450d have better resolution than 40d, thanks for both higher density sensors and weaker AA filters.