Sunday, June 22, 2008

EF 600/4 LIS + 1.4x TCs compared

One can never have enough reach, even with the superteles, like 600/4 LIS. Naturally, tele-converters (or TCs) will be used. A 1.4x TC will get you 1.4x more focal length, at the cost of one stop of light. So 600/4 become 840/5.6.

There are quite a few 1.4x TCs available, a few are very popular ones, like Canon EF 1.4x II, Kenko Pro 300 1.4x dg, and Tamron 1.4x. Canon's is most expensive, while tamron is the cheapest.

But how about the IQ, do they have noticeable difference? Well, see for youself.

The setup
Canon 450d + 600/4 LIS, Tripod + Wimberley head, Live View AF, wait > 10 seconds until no more shake detected, remote cable release. 3 shots each, best shot used for comparsion.

The target

Canon EF 1.4x II vs. Kenko Pro 300 1.4x DG (copy a)

Canon EF 1.4x II vs. Kenko Pro 300 1.4x DG (copy b)

Canon EF 1.4x II vs. Tamron 1.4x (MC4)

Kenko Pro 300 1.4x DG (copy b) vs. Tamron 1.4x (MC4)

To my eyes, canon is still slightly better than kenko, which is in turn better than tamron. No reall surprise here.

In the field, kenko AF seems a very slightly faster than Canon, and it can be stacked with others. For example, two kenko 1.4x can be stacked together, but one can not stack two canon 1.4x together. In fact, it is very popular to have one kenko stacked with a canon EF 1.4x, this is gives very good IQ, be able to AF at none 1 series bodies with good AF speed! I have some test results on 2x vs. stacked 1.4x TCs, but I guess that has to be covered in another article.